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Make Your World Even More Delightful


Luxury Gifts From Our Cottage to Yours

Step into the delightful, artful world of Vivid Cottage!

We make it easy for YOU to spread joy!

Vivid Cottage is your place for uplifting art, stationery, home goods, and gifts.


The light of inspiration came in unexpectedly during the dark times of the pandemic. Our local farmer's market opened carefully, and I brought precious wildflower bouquets back to my home.


Looking closely at the wonders of each bloom and stem, I felt called to begin drawing seriously again after decades away from my easel. The more bouquets I drew, the more hope I found.


Friends and family soon asked me to turn my drawings into greeting cards. At first, these were just heart-to-heart personal offerings. But now, Vivid Cottage has grown to offer heart-to-heart gifts for you to give!


Every order is lovingly made with a personal touch. You are giving the extra sparkle of supporting a woman-artist-owned local business.


May the inspiration and joy I feel making each drawing lift your spirits, too!