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What Vivid Cottage Customers Say

Are you a happy Vivid Cottage customer? Please email me your story and a photo, and you could be featured here on my website!


Cole R. 

I remember that when we were adolescents, you were a uniquely gifted artist. I find your current work to be so moving. When I look at it I'm excited by the colors and detail, yet also soothed by it. I find it to be both contemporary, and nostalgic. Not easy dichotomies to achieve. So impressive. 


Jasmin F.

I LOVE Kerstin's calendar! I have hung up in my office and it makes me happy every time I look at the art.


Georgina N.

I've gotten so many compliments on my tea towel when guests come over. I really love it!


Lucia K.

Well, let me tell you something special about your cards. Two days ago our very special granny Maura who was 101 (a stylish lady until the end, loved a Sherry, and had the best legs ever!) died. And two weeks before I sent her your stunning note card.

She never wanted ‘stuff’ for her birthdays, so we connected on beautiful cards as she wrote to everyone up until the end. The last card she ever got from me was yours.

That makes me feel wonderful because the card was stunning to touch and beautiful to look at. This will be a lasting memory. Thank you.

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Marianna L.

You can feel the quality of the cards when you hold them. They make gift giving that much more special.

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Barbara H.

I got your cards the day before yesterday, and they are absolutely beautiful!  I will be so happy to use them, and anyone who receives from me will be happily stunned, I know! Thanks for doing this. I will likely buy more for gifts.


C. R.

I was delighted to have my cards arrive last evening. They exceeded all expectations. I knew that the art work was exceptional- but it is even more so when you are holding it in your own hands. Premium quality card stock and beautiful packaging These cards go beyond simple elegance. They evoke both serenity and excitement- not a simple task. I can't wait to send them to friends and family. Beautiful work Kerstin.


Thank you for sharing your art with the world Kerstin. It has enhanced many lives, including my own.

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