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How to Unpack your Prints Order

Your print has arrived in a sturdy packing tube. Now it’s time to unlock the magic!

  • If you are getting it professionally framed near you, simply bring the tube directly to the framer. They will open it, you can inspect for quality, and take it from there.

  • If you are using a ready-made frame at home, here are suggested ways to open your print and prepare it with care.

  • Have ready:

  • Scissors

  • At least 4 heavy books.


Open the plastic end cap at either side of the tube.



Reach inside to grasp the edge of the brown paper that is closest to the center of the tube.

Rotate that edge further into the tube, making a tighter coil. 

This helps loosen  and release it from the tube. 

See video for demo.



Set one of the heavy books on one side of the print as you unroll it. 

Do not remove print from the plastic sleeve. 

Gently place heavy books on the print to help flatten it for framing. 

This can take a few hours up to a few days.

Have fun framing and enjoy your print! 

Your support for my art means the world to me!


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