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Westport Farmers Market - Dec. 2021

What a difference one year can make! Wow! If you haven’t already read it, check out my post about my first-ever fair to sell my cards in Dec. 2020, hosted by Kirstin Burrello at her booth at the Westport Farmers Market.

One year later - I now have my LLC! Plus, I’ve got double the number of greeting cards, I’ve got stickers, and prints. Plus - my upscale 2022 Wildflorals by Kerstin - a limited edition calendar. Only 150 were printed and each one was numbered and signed by me.

Kristin was not at this fair, and I missed seeing her! But I made new friends with the vendor next to me - Ilse Coffee. Delicious and warming during the December day.

My favorite moments were when friends and even former students dropped by to say hello and shop!

I’ll wrap up this blog post with gratitude for Lori Cochran-Dugall - director of the Westport Farmers Market, for selecting me to participate in the Artisan Fair - and giving me a great table location!

Signing 150 copies of my limited-edition 2022 Wild Florals by Kerstin calendar. Can you tell I’m absolutely delighted?

A visit with former student Julia Schorr and her mother! This truly made my day!

Quite a long way from adding my four cards to Kristin’s booth last year! You can see I’ve got proper display stands - made of wood because the WFM has a strong ecological ethic - no plastic allowed! Notice the tablecloth by Swedish designer Gudrun Sjoden.

This photo cracks me up because it looks like I’m selling mushrooms…


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