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My Official Debut!

Westport Farmers Market Artisan Fair 2020

This is exciting - December 15, 2020 was officially the debut of my cards for sale! My friend Kirstin Burrello of Muddy Feet Flower Farm invited me to sell my cards at her booth for the artisan market.

Kristin’s bouquets are the inspiration for almost all of my drawings so far. Plus, she was the first person to encourage me to make greeting cards out of my drawings!

Even though it was months before I actually got the LLC for my company, I jumped in to test the waters. I built a sign using foam core board, literally glued my logo next to Kristin’s on the board, made up prices, tried to make things easy for the customer, and off I went.

This photo of Kristin and me with our masks on, hugging in the cold, is one of my favorites from the start of my art adventures! With a bit of friendship and encouragement, there’s no limit to what you can dream up and do!

I love this first-ever photo of my cards being featured at Kristin Burrello’s Muddy Feet Flower Farm booth at the Westport Farmers Market. You can feel the spirit of camaraderie and ingenuity despite the cold - and the COVID masks!

Blurry selfie with my first-ever attempt at creating a public display to sell my cards.

I still rather like this holiday-themed shot of my first four card images and my brand-new notepad offering.


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