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Deep Woods Art Expo

What a brilliant idea - to hang artwork out in the woods and have visitors discover it as they hike along a trail path.

I was honored to be selected as a participating artist, and chose my ‘Tulips & Friends’ (*** add link to this greeting card and/or print to the text and the photo) to show.

I remember wearing a forest-green top by Swedish artist Gudrun Sjoden and I felt rather like a forest creature myself as I walked around the trees.

Each new work of art by a fellow artist felt like a treat.

This was a particularly moving event because we were still in the first year of the pandemic. At one point, a pair of students began playing violin and cello. I sat down on a tree stump, transfixed by their talent. I had missed live music - this was the first time I experienced it since March!

I’m so grateful for the creativity and generous spirit of Rebecca, the show organizer.


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