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Kristin Burrello's Lovely Bouquets

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

By Kerstin Rao

I would not have my art business without Kristin Burrello - seriously.

Yes, I’ve wanted to be an artist since I was a wee child.

Yes, I was an art major in college.

But, I spent the next 34 years working as a classroom teacher. I was fulfilled spending time with my students and colleagues.

Until the pandemic.

Home during the pandemic, away from my routine, away from my classroom, something shifted profoundly for me.

I lost who I was.

And I was profoundly sad.

What was my bright spot? Going to the Westport Farmers Market when they cautiously, carefully opened - with masks and social distancing. I was so, so happy to see people, even from a distance. And above all, I was glad to see my friend Kristin bring her bright bouquets made of flowers grown on her farm.

Kristin’s bouquets woke up a pure and simple hope within me. I felt drawn to pull out my sketchbook. I’d bring a copy of my drawing to Kristin the next week.

She said, “You should make greeting cards of these!”

How right she was!

That first year, I worked with a local printer to make cards to give as Christmas gifts, and people loved them.

The following year, I took early retirement from my teaching job. I was suddenly a free agent. What was I going to do?

Well, start a business - two businesses, in fact.

Now I’m a dating mindset coach - it’s my calling to help people overcome loneliness and find their just-right partner.

And I own Vivid Cottage, with Kristin’s lovely bouquets - now in drawing form - sending good cheer all over the world!

Thank you, Kristin. Your beautiful floral design and your encouragement have made a lasting impact on my life.


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