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Discovering lovely paper people at Noted 2023

If you've wondered what it's like to get involved with a very supportive community of creative folks, here's a peek into the world of 'paper people' as the Greeting Card Association members call themselves. I'm simply sharing with you some of the folks I met at Noted in San Francisco April 26-28, 2023.

I'm a volunteer with the GCA's Thinking of You Week committee (it's September 18-24 this year, and encourages everyone to send a card to brighten someone's day. Hop on the mailing list when you visit the site!) So, in my volunteer capacity, I introduced myself to as many stationers with a booth as I could (genuinely sorry I did not get to everyone!)

Listen, everyone who hand-crafts a product for a living could use more love, so if you see a style you enjoy, sign up for their newsletter!

Alex Kelly Vetangle of Ormolu Press

Alex Louie of Story Spark (love his state of California drawn as a motherboard!)

Alyson O'Conner of Rust Belt Love & her husband

Alyssa Manoleas of Grey Street Paper

Amy Loewenberg and Zoe Maliszewski of NY Now - they work to host a wonderful wholesale event twice a year in New York City where folks who make stationery and gifts can meet retailers.

Asha Banks of Cheer Notes

Ashley Sutton and her mom of Hustle & Hope. I first heard of her brand from Katie Couric's newsletter and have been a fan ever since!

Brad Woods of Maginating

Carrie Grove of TPI Solutions Ink printing & manufacturing

Catherine of Kitty Meow Boutique

Chelsea Ward of Sketchy Notions

Chihiro Jameson of Little Love Press

Christine Byrne of Spacepig Press

Dan Deardorff of Ecological Fibers, a paper source

Dave Phipps and Sevi Stokes of Avanti Press

Diana Iles Parker, associate with Betsie Studios

Emma Calladine with her baby son

Endsley Eggert, GCA Staff

Erin Sarpa of Stationery HQ - printer

Huong Wolf of Quilling Cards

Ian and Regina Pribyl of Explicit Contents Co

Janine Kwoh of Kwohtations

Jason Carberry of Fine Moments and Jason Johnson of Lasx in St Paul MN

Jo Astles of The Bright Agency

Jon Marc Asper of Paper Baristas

Josh Nussbaum of Waterknot

Kathryn Christenson of She Said It cards

Kim Bartolotta of Elevations By Kim, by-invitation wholesale events

Kori Sulewski of GCA

Kristan LaVietes of Lovely Why Isle

Lindsay Henry of Inklings Paperie

Louise Mulgrew illustrator

Mike Declouet, Designer Greetings (by the way - note that I held the business cards up backwards - d'oh!)

Nancy Yusko of Dear Beni

Nicole Couto of 2021co

Nikki Tyler of Little Lovelies Studio

Reta Lewis of Brandi Creations

Sara Schofield and Alexandra Renda of Quilling Card

Saskia van Wingerden art director of Tailor Made Studios


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