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WS Greeting Card Lilies & Roses

WS Greeting Card Lilies & Roses

SKU: VCW-20210620GC

This ‘Lilies & Roses’ illustration has amaryllis, ranunculus, peony, cosmos, baptisia, lady’s mantle, and rose in a clear Mason jar.


This is one of artist Kerstin Rao's absolute favorites. There's something about the asymmetry of the bouquet that keeps it lively. The peaches, greens, and pinks feel cheerful. The flowers are all grown in Connecticut, which adds a local flair.


Our cards are printed on a terrific felt cardstock, folded in half, and measure 5 x 7 when closed. It's got a nice feel to the touch, and a weight that says "I went the extra step to pick this especially for you." A matching felt envelope is included.


Our wholesale order comes in units of 6 individually packed card-and-envelope sets in plastic sleeves. Please let us know if you prefer no plastic.


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