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WS-Tea Towel Breezy Bouquet

WS-Tea Towel Breezy Bouquet

SKU: VCW-TT20210824

Our 'Breezy Bouquet' tea towel features Dahlia, Zinnia, Dianthus, Chystanthamum, Aster, and Daisy.


Our soft, absorbent 100% cotton flour sack towels are woven in India and printed to high standards in California.


A stand-out feature is that our towels are DOUBLE SIDED. Meaning, when you hang the towel, and you get a spill on one side, all you need to do is turn it around, and voilá, you have the same, unspoiled design.


The towel is a classic 28-inch square featuring the illustration in the lower half on each side of the towel. When folded, the display area is 14” x 9”. 


Towels can be machine-washed, no bleach. Because it is printed on cotton, a natural material, the design may fade slightly but will still look beautiful.


Retail price = $25

Wholesale price = $12.50

MOQ = 1



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