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WS Greeting Card Brightest Bouquet

WS Greeting Card Brightest Bouquet

SKU: VCW-20201020GC

Oooooh - this card will put pep in your step! A kaleidoscope of colors and shapes dance around the jar and can't help but inspire a smile.


This ‘Brightest Bouquet’ illustration has dahlia, clover, and celosia in a clear Mason jar.


Our card is a convenient 5 x 7 inch size when folded in half and comes with a matching envelope. The extra nice feature is the paper we use - a luxury felted cardstock that feels substantial in the hand. Your recipient will know you took an extra step (with pep!) to choose this for them!


Our wholesale order comes in units of 6 individually packed card-and-envelope sets in plastic sleeves. Please let us know if you prefer no plastic.


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